James Cromwell On the Treatment of Animals, Going Veg and Consciousness

James Cromwell, that darling actor you’ve seen in everything from Babe to LA Confidential to The Artist, may have a gruff exterior but he’s got a soft spot for animals. The website Take Part interviewed Cromwell about his views on being vegan, his motivation and animals as sentient beings equal to ourselves in all the essential ways.

I like that his opinions and experiences are so diverse and varying. His simple plan for how to become vegan involves a step-by-step gradual process that isn’t overly ambitious. His stories of acting with animals show how his thoughts on animals evolved to the point where he became not only vegan but an activist for animals. His views on animals as pets are a little more extreme and he introduces some politically correct terms that have a high mockability factor. But his heart is in the right place, he proposes that as long as society continues to deem animals as inferior property they will continue to be treated as such. The way people think about animals is just as important as how they act towards them.

“People eat unconscious of what goes into the making of the food that is in front of them.”

via James Cromwell: You Don’t Own Another Creature | TakePart – News, Culture, Videos and Photos That Make the World Better.

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