Easy Peasy Quinoa

Achieving light and fluffy quinoa is a cinch; as easy as boiling water. It’s low in carbohydrates and high in protein; it goes well in salads, as a side dish and as a replacement for rice or couscous.

First, rinse the quinoa. An easy way to do this is to put it in a pot, add water until the quinoa is covered, tilt the pot so the quinoa all falls to one side and place your hand over the quinoa and slowly pour out as much of the water as possible.

For every cup of quinoa you add 2 cups of water. Cover the pot and bring it to a boil; simmer for about 15 -20 minutes or until all the water is soaked up. Turn off the stove, remove from heat and let sit (don’t take off the lid) for 5-10 minutes. Then stir the quinoa with a fork and you’re done!


2 thoughts on “Easy Peasy Quinoa

  1. Carol Dirner says:

    Thanks! I’m always looking for other protein sources and have just shied away from quinoa because I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I will give this a try.

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