St. Patrick’s Day in SF

Ironically the only place in California where it didn’t rain on March 17th was San Francisco; it was icy-cold though. I wandered the streets of San Francisco with some friends enjoying the citywide celebration and Irish pride all over the city. The temperature caused everyone to stand a little closer to each other among the crowds.

Our first stop was the park with a quick vista of the Golden Gate Bridge, I don’t care how many times I’ve seen it or how familiar I get with this city; whenever I see that bridge a part of me thinks of all the tourists and photographs that are devoted to this one particular view. It will never be commonplace.

For lunch we stopped at Patxi’s for some exquisite Chicago deep dish pizza. It did not disappoint. The crisp red ale we ordered paired perfectly with the deep, cheesy layered goodness of the pizza. It’s a 30-minute wait for the deep dish style but it’s well worth it when you sink your teeth into such a huge pie. The spinach, onions, cheese and sauce bring out the best in each other especially when loaded on top of the thick crust with the right amount of crunch; it was perfectly satisfying especially on such a cold day.

In true St. Patrick’s Day spirit we then traveled to O’Reilly’s Pub for some guinness and real holiday celebration. An afternoon full of green lighting, leprechauns, and a few Irish themed drinks definitely set the mood. Did you know that Guinness Extra Stout is a vegan beer? That made me quite happy.

The cap of the day was The Creator’s Project at Fort Mason. Walking through a giant illuminated cube that seemed to produce music spurred by the wind immediately engulfed us in the 3-dimensional experience. Then being packed in a warehouse with tons of people to see Squarepusher with his entrancing artwork moving across screens all over the stage paired with his fluid, rolling sounds as well as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs with their contrasting energy and vibrant performance. It was truly unforgettable. I’ve been to some memorable shows, but this one seemed magical, the raw, experimental aspect of this definitely left an impression.

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