The Privilege and Power of Choice

Vegan MoFoI just read Vegansaurus’ new editorial responding to jibes that being vegan is a privilege and one that we shouldn’t flaunt of encourage because some people aren’t in a situation to put ethics in their purchases. I loved Vegansuarus’ response; it made me think about all the times someone has challenged me with singular logic. As humans we are gifted with conscience and self awareness, our choices are a right, how we feel about them is our own prerogative.

If you are fighting for survival, struggling in poverty, or stranded on a desert island your choices are severely limited and your diet will have to bend to include what you are able to get ahold of and what you are physically capable of digesting. However, when people start throwing around “vegan is a privilege” accusations it opens up a whole new can of worms. If I or other like-minded bloggers/advocates are lauding the health benefits, economics, animal rights, etc. of a vegan diet we are mainly addressing those people who A) have the resources to access the internet, and B) have the time to spend perusing it. If you are capable of those two things then you most likely have the time and resources to make your own choices about what you want to eat and why. Vegansaurus said it best, “We understand the difference between poverty and college-educated living-on-a-tight-budget.”

Yes, making choices about food is a privilege, but so is fighting for causes you believe in. Exercising your privileges to spread knowledge and promote a cause  you care for is the exact opposite of entitlement, it is only from a source of inclusion and compassion that a person could reach out and fight for his or her convictions.

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