Color Palette Smoothie

Vegan MoFo

There is a lovely little vegan juice bar by my house called Juicy Ladies, and I’m addicted to their Super Sexy Smoothie. With a name like that who couldn’t be, but at $10 a pop I realized I couldn’t keep ordering this delectable drink forever. So I figured out the proportions on my own and started making it at home for half the price! The coconut, goji berries and almond butter flavors are so light and understated that while this smoothie is quite filling your palate lingers with a swirl of flavors.

One of the coolest things about this smoothie is the color; the pink of the goji berries mixed with the white of the coconut and a tad of golden brown from the almond butter combine together to make a bright orange smoothie. Your friends will be eternally puzzled by the color of this smoothie and the fact there are no oranges in it.

Super sexy

The first time I bought a whole young coconut was at Whole Foods and I didn’t realize that you can ask an employee to cut the top off. So I took it home with me and terrified, I hacked at it with a santoku for and hour where I whittled it down enough to pry the top off. I had the coconut over a bowl to catch any of the water once the coconut opened and once I had finished, I vowed never to do this again. So upon my next trip to Whole Foods I asked an employee in the produce section if they would take the top off for me and found out that was a service they already provide. Sometimes they have precut coconuts in the produce section over ice but if they don’t you can find a whole one and ask an employee for help. I’ve never looked back at attempting to cut another coconut myself.

Young coconut

As for the other ingredients, I make my own almond butter at home and I buy the goji berries in bulk so the smoothie doesn’t cost much to make at all. The only item that’s a bit pricey is the maca powder, I buy mine from Navitas Naturals for $15.99 at Sprouts Farmers Market. When I have it in my pantry I use it in this smoothie to add some extra vitamins and minerals; it also has a slightly toffee-like flavor, which is nice. However, I’ve made this plenty of times without it and the smoothie still tastes heavenly.

Brilliantly orange smoothie

Color Palette Smoothie

Makes 2 servings


1 young coconut with the top cut off

2 tablespoons almond butter

1/2 cup goji berries

1 teaspoon vanilla

1/2 cup ice

2 teaspoons maca powder (optional)


Pour coconut water out of coconut into a blender. Scoop of out coconut meat with a spoon and add to blender. Add almond butter, vanilla, maca powder (if using), and goji berries to blender. Add ice and then blend until the consistency of the smoothie is think and creamy.


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