27 on the 27th

Vegan MoFo

It’s my birthday today. Turning 27. It seems strange since I still feel like I’m 23. Spending the day with my family at the beach is lovely and relaxing. Drinking wine, sunbathing, and taking in the ocean. There’s something about Carmel that just seems lovelier than most of California’s beaches.

The sweetest thing so far is that my mom, aunt, and grandmother spent several hours yesterday working on veganizing my favorite lemon cake from my childhood. I absolutely adore lemon-based desserts. Coming home to a vegan lemon cake is one of the highlights of my day. Especially since my mom would never have imagined baking a cake without milk an butter. It’s quite satisfying.

The best dessert ever! You can't beat lemon cake

The best dessert ever! You can’t beat lemon cake

That’s it for today. I’m going back to enjoying the beach. I’ll see you all tomorrow!



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